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Literary Gluttony

So I am convinced one of the stepping stones towards personal growth would be to read more. More specifically, read more books. Good thing I never ever got hooked onto trash gossip magazines; those are such a waste of time.

I have a couple of books lying around, waiting to be read/finished. First on the list would definitely be :

An excellent book for anyone looking for a harsh and critical perspective on religion (mostly Christianity and Islam). Christopher Hitchens doesn’t hold back when he lashes out his points and sprinkles his arguments with flowery vocabulary.

I received a pleasant surprise as well when I received this VERY belated birthday present from a dear friend of mine over the weekend :

It’s a graphic novel ( NOT cartoon), of one of my favourite movies. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it as it’s tastefully directed and made. Here’s an incentive : Jessica Alba’s in it.

A book I borrowed from the library :

This book is in another playing field of it’s own. It’s a behemoth in terms of what it packs and how it presents itself … Just a few pages into this book is enough to put me straight into a deep slumber. It’ll be a miracle if I finish this before the library dead-line.

It does seem a little creepy but I feel as if the universe itself is trying to make me read more, and it does so by throwing clues and hints along my way. No matter where I look, something related to reading has crossed my life.

– Just last week, I just finished reading (online) my first ever manga set, Flame of Recca. 329 chapters in all! What a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter, especially the final fight scenes.

– Received Sin City, a book, as a present.

– Today’s’s article is entitled ” Literary Gluttony – How to consume more books this year

And I’m sure I’ve missed certain hints that were probably right smack in front of me…


January 9, 2008 - Posted by | Self-improvement

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  1. […] to self : You have not even STARTED reading any of those books mentioned here, and even returned Wealth of Nations before it was due. If anyone could point me to a nearby kiosk […]

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